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    How technology is changing how we buy property

    By Ben Woodward on 23/11/20 8:56 AM

    Technology is rapidly developing and quickly influencing the way many processes and practices work in our society. Included in these is the property and real-estate sector. The growing coverage of the internet and the ever-increasing utility of computers and mobile phones has meant that nearly every step in the home-buying process has changed in some way because of technology.

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    3 Signs you need help with your business

    By Ben Woodward on 20/11/20 12:46 PM

    1. You’re Struggling to Pay Your Debts

    The first sign of a struggling business is a difficulty in paying debts, whether already due or nearly due. If you often find your business doesn’t have enough available capital to pay creditors on time, it may be worth seeking some professional guidance. Ongoing inability to pay debts can lead to insolvency, so it’s worth getting help as soon as possible.

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    How do small business loans work?

    By Tom Dearden on 6/11/20 4:37 PM

    Running a small business is hard work in the best of times, and even more so when there is a global pandemic. To keep your head above water in the current economic climate you might consider taking out a loan to assist your business. But how do they work and how are they different to a personal loan?

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    The Power of a Power of Attorney

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 4/11/20 4:41 PM

    A Power of Attorney document is prepared by a person (the Principal) who appoints another person (the Attorney) to deal with their financial affairs if they are no longer able to themselves.

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    Can COVID be an exceptional circumstance in Family Law?

    By Tom Dearden on 26/10/20 11:47 AM

    We have written previously about Binding Child Support (“BCS”) Agreements. As the name suggests, once parties enter into a BCS Agreement, it is binding on them for the length of the agreement.

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