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    Urgent: Court events closed until 30th June 2020

    By Andrea Harrold on 18/03/20 9:39 AM

    On the 17th March 2020 most Courts announced measures to combat COVID-19. Here are the media releases from the High Court, Federal Court and Family Court.

    This means that most Court events will be cancelled until 30th June 2020. This is a significant announcement with major consequences for what the legal system will look like for the next few months. If you are currently in the process of a court matter, it is important to be in communication with your lawyer to see what this announcement will mean for you.

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    Why is a divorce optional?

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 3/03/20 12:14 PM

    When a marriage breaks down, one of the first things a person thinks about is obtaining a divorce. Although it is the common word associated with the breakdown of a marriage, a divorce does not address the essential issues related to ending a relationship, as it does not settle the division of property or the care of any children of the marriage.

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    What To Do in March 2020

    By Micaela Corr on 2/03/20 5:06 PM

    Well, summer has come to an end. But! There are still plenty of great events happening in our area to keep a smile on your dial. 

    Topics: What To Do
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    Why women should be promoted

    By Andrea Harrold on 27/02/20 3:23 PM

    In 2019 34.9% of all businesses were owned by women, a figure which increases each year (Department of Education, Skills and Employment, 2019). However, while there have been significant improvements for women in the workplace there is still a long way to go, with women more likely to be underemployed than men, and mothers more likely to be unemployed than fathers (ABS, 2019).

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    Tips if you're renting to family members

    By Lisa Pizzonia on 25/02/20 1:21 PM

    You're looking for a place and know the tenants in your uncle's granny flat are moving out, and think perfect! Or maybe you've had no success in finding tenants for your investment property, and your brother says he's looking to live in the area. You may think that renting from a family member may seem easier than to rent through an agent, but that is not always the case.

    Topics: Property
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