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    Disclosure and Asset Tracing: The What and Why

    By Ben Woodward on 31/03/21 11:08 AM

    The duty of disclosure is a duty that applies to both parties in a separation. It is the duty to fully disclose all financial assets, liabilities and circumstances to your ex-partner and the court so that a fair settlement can be reached.

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    Property Settlements in the PPP500 – Court Done Quick

    By Ben Woodward on 31/03/21 10:58 AM

    A common criticism of the Australian Family Courts is that they are too expensive. Running a family law matter all the way to a final hearing can cost more than $100,000 per party, an expense that many separating families can simply not afford. The lack of access to the court system resulting from the significant financial costs means that vulnerable parties are forced to accept a less-than-ideal settlement.

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    The impact of infidelity in Family Law Matters in Australia

    By Jeremy Ball on 31/03/21 10:03 AM

    You may have heard of the following scenario:

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    The Lighthouse Project

    By Megan McGrath on 25/03/21 12:02 PM

    The Lighthouse Project is an initiative taken by the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court which aims to improve outcomes for families involved in the family law system. The Lighthouse Project is currently being piloted in the Federal Circuit Court registries in Adelaide, Brisbane and Parramatta.

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    Children in the Family Court - Do Their Views Matter?

    By Breeann Lalao on 25/03/21 11:49 AM

    Separation is not only a difficult time for the parties involved, but the children as well. Australian family law expresses children’s right to enjoy a meaningful relationship with both parents, including their protection from any form of harm.

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