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    The father’s obligation to pay child support

    By Ben Woodward on 26/08/21 10:55 AM

    Both parents have a duty to financially maintain their children. It is not a surprise that this misconception exists, particularly when fathers are often depicted in sitcoms and movies as being liable for “alimony”.

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    International Marriages

    By Ben Woodward on 26/08/21 10:49 AM

    Getting married under the palm trees of Fiji, amongst the hills of Tuscany or along the beaches of Sri Lanka can seem like a really romantic option for a destination wedding but getting married internationally can present some unwanted difficulties upon your return to Australia. If your wedding occurred outside Australia or you intend to get married internationally, there are some specific requirements that you need to make sure you satisfy so that your marriage will be recognised in Australia.

    Topics: Family Law
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    Intestate Estates

    By Breeann Lalao on 26/08/21 10:24 AM

    Dying without a Will is known as dying intestate, and this is not an ideal situation but is far more common than you think. According to the rules of intestacy, your assets will be distributed to those next of kin. This may also involve surviving relatives who you may not necessarily wish to inherit your assets. The administration of an intestate estate requires a person to take responsibility to see it through as there has been no executor of the will appointed by the deceased.

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    Do I need an Enduring Guardian and an Enduring Power of Attorney?

    By Megan McGrath on 26/08/21 10:02 AM

    The simple answer is yes. It is important to have both legal documents in place as they serve very different purposes.

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    Amending Contracts: the How and Why

    By Breeann Lalao on 22/07/21 9:31 AM

    When parties have a contract in place, there may be circumstances where the parties wish to amend the contract where appropriate as it may no longer reflect the agreed positions of the parties to the agreement. This includes changes to the original contract’s terms, clauses, sections or definitions.

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