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    The Lighthouse Project

    25/03/21 12:02 PM

    The Lighthouse Project is an initiative taken by the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court which aims to improve outcomes for families involved in the family law system. The Lighthouse Project is currently being piloted in the Federal Circuit Court registries in Adelaide, Brisbane and Parramatta.

    When an Application or Response for parenting only orders is filed at one of these locations, a party will now be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire via the online platform called Family DOORS Triage. The screening process has been developed to consider a range of safety risks frequently arising in family law proceedings including mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse as well as family violence. The responses to the questionnaire are confidential and will only be used for risk screening and to identify suitable case management.

    Once submitted, the questionnaires are triaged by a specialised team of Registrars, family counsellors and support staff with detailed knowledge of family violence and safety risks. This process helps to identify parties who may need additional support and safety measures.

    If a case is identified as at high risk, it will be directed to the Evatt List. This list is designed to help families who are at high risk of family violence and other safety concerns by early information gathering and intervention. The Judge-led support team have specialised training and are experienced in working with families at risk of violence.

    Alternatively, cases will be categorised as either low risk and directed to follow the usual case management pathway through the Federal Circuit Court or ordered to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    When enforcing a judgment at common law it is necessary to consider both the extensive case law in this area and doctrines of private international law.


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    Megan McGrath

    Written by Megan McGrath