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    Why we love Alternate Dispute Resolution

    26/10/20 11:06 AM

    In general, people see the court process as confusing, lengthy, expensive and burdensome and often these perceptions are all true. Alternate dispute resolution (‘ADR’) consists of a variety of alternative measures that can be used to try and solve your legal problems before having to begin a formal court case. ADR has the potential to make your legal conflict cheaper, more flexible and often a resolution can be reached quicker.

    ADR is faster

    On average, people who decide to use ADR as opposed to standard court litigation see solutions faster. As there are less formalities and waiting times associated with ADR, it means that your case is sped up and you can reach your desired outcome in less time.

    ADR is cheaper

    One big reason that we love ADR is because it is because it costs you less. This is partly because many of the standard court fees do not apply to an ADR process, but also because the process is shorter and so you don’t have to pay as much for lawyer’s fees.

    ADR is more flexible

    Many ADR processes allow more flexibility of outcomes for those involved. Processes such as mediation mean that parties to the case can discuss a desired outcome with the assistance of a mediator, often leading to more suitable solutions than if a judge were to impose an order on the parties. This flexibility means many clients leave ADR thinking that the solution they have come to is more suitable to their circumstances than if a judge was left to make the decision.

    ADR can make a huge difference to the length and cost of your court case and can often leave you feeling more satisfied with the outcome.

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    Ben Woodward

    Written by Ben Woodward