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    What To Do in July 2020

    29/06/20 1:46 PM

    School holidays are coming up this month, and not to assume, but it seems most people feel like they have spent enough time at home this year. Here are a few ideas of what to do to enjoy this month. 

    Catch a flick

    Cinemas are re-opening in NSW from July 1st. Support your local cinema by watching the newest release while snacking on some fresh popcorn. Some cinemas are doing special ticket prices to celebrate the re-opening, like Event Cinemas who are doing half price tickets everyday. Cinemas will continue to maintain social distancing measures. 


    Image from NME

    Loosen up

    Are your shoulders feeling a bit tight after months of sitting at an odd angle at your makeshift office? Or, maybe you're still holding some tension from teaching your kids during isolation. Beauty salons are back open, and it's a great excuse to indulge in some self-love in the name of supporting local businesses. 

    Massage Image

    Image from Discover Massage Australia

    Admire art

    Museums have lifted their restrictions to allow one visitor per 4 square metres, including staff. Bring some refined culture into your month by visiting one of Sydney's museums, or by venturing down to Canberra to see the National Gallery.

    Art Gallery

    Image from Art Gallery NSW

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    Micaela Corr

    Written by Micaela Corr