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    How To Help Your Kids During a Divorce

    17/10/18 5:30 PM

    Going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional time for the parents, and often your kids. Separation involves making several major family decisions, like where each partner will live, and the division of time with the children between parents. Although it can be a chaotic time with so many changes, it is essential to focus on your children’s wellbeing throughout the process of divorcing.

    Your children may be resilient, but they will still face significant upheaval which will affect their wellbeing. They may face anxiety and stress about moving homes, having to live between homes, or why one partner has moved out. They may feel confused about why their parents no longer want to spend time together, and prompt questions like, “did I do something wrong?”

    It is important to ensure there are open lines of communication between you and your children to freely discuss how they are feeling and how they are coping with the family separation. Intentionally plan quality time with them, and be aware of how they are feeling.

    It is common for a separation to affect a child’s schooling or general wellbeing by struggling to sleep or stress symptoms such as headaches or nausea. Find a local counsellor for them to share openly with.

    It is vital that as parents, you don’t belittle the other parent in the presence or hearing of your children. Your former partner is equally important to your children. By striving for a positive relationship with your former partner, you can help to maintain routine, facilitate stability and reassure your children that they are valued.

    For more information and tips on how to help your kid’s mental health during and after a divorce, visit KidsMatter. It is a government website that provides information and resources to assist parents with children and facilitating positive mental health.

    If you are going through a separation and would like to facilitate some stability in your current care arrangements, then visit here for a free first conference to discuss your options.

    Katherine McCarthy

    Written by Katherine McCarthy