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    Coco Cubano Restaurant Review

    20/06/19 10:22 AM

    Coco Cubano

    302 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

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    Design - 4/5

    Coco Cubano transports its patrons to Cuba. The restaurant chain carries the same Cuban charm throughout each of its locations. The Parramatta establishment is outward facing, with two of its walls opening right onto the street. This creates a great atmosphere, however as it is in a busy intersection, the traffic can be quite loud. The main design element is the photo wall with framed prints and photos of vintage Cuba. The unique design is a highlight.

    Value For Money - 2/5

    The menu is a fusion of Cuban and modern Australian. This was a weak spot for Coco Cubano. Meals sizes varied greatly, with a mountain of nachos compared to two small fish tacos. It was overpriced for its portions. 

    Service - 2.5/5

    We were seated quickly and had our order taken quickly. However, two meals arrived before the entree. The fourth meal was served after the first meal had been consumed. The delay in timing meant it was a broken mealtime. 

    Quality - 3.5/5

    The food was good. It would not be worth travelling to visit, but if you are walking past and need food, you'll be satisfied. The fajitas and nachos were the top picks, as they were larger portions and tasty. 

    The design of the restaurant was a bit fun. However the poor timing of the food and the lack of value for money scored Coco Cubano lowly. We recommend to drop in to the casual dining venue if you're in a pair and want an easy lunch. 

    TOTAL SCORE - 12/20

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    Micaela Corr

    Written by Micaela Corr