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The 6 Modules of @work (1)

1. Dedicated Legal Team

All things to ensure that you receive the right guidance when you need it. We guarantee quick turnarounds, and specific and pragmatic advice to achieve your desired outcome.

  • A Dedicated Contact Solicitor
  • Access to Full Legal Team
  • Priority Response Time
  • All General Advice, including Written and Telephone Advice
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • Quarterly Check-ins with Key Advisors 

2. Employment and HR

All things to do with people: Engagement, Management, Dismissal and Statutory Obligations.

  • Payroll Advice and Award Advice
  • Tailored Workplace Agreements
  • Tailored Policies and Procedures
  • Enterprise Bargaining Training
  • Staff Misconduct Investigations
  • Advice on Fair Work Commission / NSW Industrial Relations Commission
  • Legal representation for mediation for Fair Work Commission

3. Contracts and Agreements

All things contractual including Contracts, Licenses, T&Cs, Tenders, Procurement, Credit Terms, PPSR and Security Documents.

  • Reviewing, Drafting, Advising and Negotiating Documents
  • Managing Contracts
  • Review of Tender Applications
  • Real Property Leases
  • Sales and Purchases of Assets (<$250,000)
  • Loan Agreements, Security Documents and PPSR
  • Shareholder and Unitholder Agreements

4. Cashflow, Debtor and Dispute Management

All things to ensure that you are paid on time, in the manner in which you expected and to deal with any disputes that may arise prior to litigation.

  • Letters of Demand
  • Dispute Management (Pre Litigation)
  • Debt Agreements
  • Creditor Management
  • Statutory Demands

5. Corporations Law Compliance

All things involved in complying with your Australian Corporations Law obligations.

  • Directors Duties Advice
  • Corporate Governance Advice
  • Risk Management and Liability (Corporate and Officers) Advice
  • Corporate Structure Advice
  • Governance Tools (Resolutions, Minutes and Education)
  • Corporate Secretary Appointment (if requested)

6. Competition and Consumer Law Compliance

All things involved in complying with the Australian Competition and Consumer Laws

  • Review of Advertising Collateral and Campaigns
  • Advice on Misleading or Deceptive Conduct Claims
  • Product Liability Advice
  • Consumer Guarantee Advice
  • Strategic Partnership and Cartel Advice
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