The Probate and Estate Disputes team at Frank Law are by your side to assist you in the process of finalising your loved ones Estate.

We recognise the difficulty that the death of a loved one brings. Our lawyers strive to close the legal proceedings of probate in a timely manner for you.

Frank Law understands that estate disputes arise and work alongside you to simplify the division of an estate.

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Probate is a document issued by the Supreme Court confirming that a person has passed away leaving a valid will. This gives the person nominated as Executor the legal authority to deal with the deceased’s assets.

Letters of Administration

Letters of Administration is a document issued by the Supreme Court when a person has passed away without a Will (or if they left a defective Will) and there are significant assets to be dealt with. Once issued, the next-of-kin has the legal authority to deal with the deceased’s assets.

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Probate and Estate Disputes Lawyers

Andrew Frank



Andrew Frank established the firm as Druitt Frank in 1985. In his 46 year law career, Andrew led the firm as Chief Executive Partner for 31 years. His presence in Frank Law is invaluable, as he continues as a Consulting Partner.

Kaitlyn Sheridan



Kaitlyn Sheridan is passionate about her future in law as she thrives when working to solve people’s problems. Kaitlyn is a keen athlete and regularly runs half marathons. She completed the climb to Everest Base Camp and is already planning her way to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro