Family Law governs your rights and responsibilities in family relationships including marriages, de facto relationships and with children. This includes dividing property, parenting arrangements, child support and divorce.

Frank Law has a fresh approach to Family Law. We understand the sensitive nature of Family Law and help you redefine relationships for a positive and stable family life.

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Frank Law can assist you in navigating the processes surrounding divorce.

Division of Property

If your relationship breaks down, it is important to define your financial arrangements with your former partner. We can advise you through the process of dividing your property and provide clarity and certainty for you moving forward.

Parenting Disputes & Arrangements

It is necessary to think about what is in the best interests of the children when determining who makes major decisions about the children, and when the children will spend time with each parent. We will help you have assurance and stability moving forward by formalising a parenting arrangement for your children.

Business and Family Law

With a strong Corporate division, we can easily move between Family and Commercial law. Our knowledgeable lawyers can advise you if you or your former partner have business interests, and how to protect them.

Binding Financial Agreement

A binding financial agreement defines how your property will be rearranged and divided in certain circumstances. It can be created before, during or after the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship.

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Family Law Lawyers

James Frank

Chief Executive Partner and Practice lead of Family Law


James Frank has been working with Frank Law for nine years in various roles, beginning as a consultant and coming on full time in 2014. He pioneered the review process of the business and was instrumental in designing the future of the firm. His passion for innovation and technology, and his experience in building and scaling starts ups, has pushed Frank Law into being the progressive and relevant law firm it is today. James’s ideal day would be spent drinking coffee, watching sport and finishing the day with a glass of whisky.


Andrea Harrold

Associate Lawyer Family Law


Andrea Harrold has a particular interest in domestic violence laws as she is passionate about ensuring positive family relations and creating stable homes. Andrea uses her skills and knowledge to help her clients direct their futures. Her adventurous nature takes her hiking through New Zealand and snacking on durian.


Karla Elias

Lawyer Family Law


Karla Elias is knowledgeable about the complex links between Family Law and Criminal Law. She seeks to educate her clients to navigate the law and understand the processes. Karla is a Masterchef extraordinaire with a speciality in chocolate desserts.


Matthew Sibley

Lawyer Family Law


Matthew Sibley’s career is driven by his deep interest in how the law governs and responds to society. Matthew uses this knowledge to empower clients and enables them to understand their rights and responsibilities under Family Law. Matthew is enthusiastic about sport, and plays, watches, and talks about every sport at every opportunity.


Katherine McCarthy

Lawyer Family Law


Katherine McCarthy is invested in restoring parental relationships to create positive futures for all members of the family. She uses her knowledge of law to solve people’s problems. Katherine is a keen traveller having visited 23 countries so far, with plans to explore even more.


Emily Graham

Law Clerk


Emily Graham is completing her studies in law. Emily is skilled at communicating the complexity of Family Law in a simple way. She is studying law as she is invested in providing help for those in stressful situations. Emily is skilled in sports and shows off her talents playing ultimate frisbee.