Family Law governs your rights and responsibilities in family relationships including marriages, de facto relationships and with children. This includes dividing property, parenting arrangements, child support and divorce.

Frank Law has a fresh approach to Family Law. We understand the sensitive nature of Family Law and we will help you redefine relationships for a positive and stable family life.

Our team are dedicated, subject matter experts who care about you.

We offer a free first conference.

In that first conference we map out what your journey will look like and provide an estimate of costings, so that you understand every step of your matter. 

What We Offer

Flexible payment arrangements
Open communication
Transparent billing
Cost minimisation strategies
Solution driven results
Relatable advice

Family Law Lawyers

Karla Elias



Karla Elias is knowledgeable about the complex links between Family Law and Criminal Law. She seeks to educate her clients to navigate the law and understand the processes. Karla is a Masterchef extraordinaire with a speciality in chocolate desserts.


Timothy Robertson



Timothy Robertson enjoys the challenges of complex legal problems and using his knowledge of law to help people reach their goals. Tim also plays guitar in musical orchestras throughout Sydney!

Isabella Urso



Isabella Urso joined our Family Law team as a Lawyer after working as a Legal Associate to an Appeals Judge of the Family Court of Australia. During her time at the court, Isabella gained a unique perspective and practical understanding of resolving complex legal disputes within the court system. Isabella is a keen traveller who enhanced her knowledge of the law by studying abroad.