A corporation becomes insolvent when it is no longer able to pay their debts. Insolvency leads to:

A voluntary administration

A business burdened with financial difficulty may choose to appoint an external administrator to investigate the business. They then go on to assess what steps need to be taken to pay back the business’ debts.


An insolvent business may be liquidated. This means the business’ assets are sold, and the business can therefore no longer operate.  The business’ members or shareholders can initiate liquidation. It can also be led by a court order.


A receiver is appointed to manage the finances due to the business’ financial struggles. They have the responsibility of selling the business’ assets to repay the outstanding debt.

Frank Law acknowledges the emotional difficulty of facing insolvency. There are many layers to such a situation. Therefore, our Corporate team shapes all processes to be relevant to each client’s unique circumstance.

We work alongside you to guide you through the steps of insolvency. We communicate openly and directly, explaining the law and the realities of your business situation.

Our team approaches every situation with a combination of sensitivity and pragmatism. We understand the stress of insolvency, and consequently seek to progress the matter in a timely manner. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that Frank Law is working for them.

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What We Offer

Realistic strategic advice
Open and straightforward communication
An understanding of the ties between insolvency and restructuring and turnaround
A skill set across all corporate proceedings

Insolvency Lawyers

James Frank



James Frank has been working with Frank Law for nine years in various roles, beginning as a consultant and coming on full time in 2014. He pioneered the review process of the business and was instrumental in designing the future of the firm. His passion for innovation and technology, and his experience in building and scaling starts ups, has pushed Frank Law into being the progressive and relevant law firm it is today. James’s ideal day would be spent drinking coffee, watching sport and finishing the day with a glass of whisky.

Matthew Sibley



Matthew Sibley’s career is driven by his deep interest in how the law governs and responds to society. Matthew uses this knowledge to empower clients and enables them to understand their rights and responsibilities under Family Law. Matthew is enthusiastic about sport, and plays, watches, and talks about every sport at every opportunity.