Our Corporate team delivers high quality strategic advice for your business.

Frank Law believes it is crucial to have a valuable team around you to find success in the business world. Thus, we have built strong relationships with accountants, insurers, financial advisors and other professionals to provide a mutually beneficial team.

As a business owner, it is imperative to think about the voices guiding your decisions, and what voices are missing to give holistic and strategic advice.

We combine our diverse experience, creative thinking and commercial knowledge to give you the right strategic advice. With our personal experience of creating, managing and selling businesses, we have a unique perspective on corporate advisory.

We understand your problems and can therefore help you explore the best solution for your situation.

We believe our Corporate Advisory Team is an asset for your business team, providing a wise voice to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

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What We Offer

Strategic advice unique to your situation
Realistic and achievable strategies
Clear and open communication
Timely and responsive advice
Pragmatic and practical solutions

Corporate Advisory Lawyers

Andrew Frank



Andrew Frank established the firm as Druitt Frank in 1985. In his 46 year law career, Andrew led the firm as Chief Executive Partner for 31 years. His presence in Frank Law is invaluable, as he continues as a Consulting Partner

James Frank

Chief Executive Partner and Practice lead of Family Law


James Frank has been working with Frank Law for nine years in various roles, beginning as a consultant and coming on full time in 2014. He pioneered the review process of the business and was instrumental in designing the future of the firm. His passion for innovation and technology, and his experience in building and scaling starts ups, has pushed Frank Law into being the progressive and relevant law firm it is today. James’s ideal day would be spent drinking coffee, watching sport and finishing the day with a glass of whisky.