Litigation is one of the key tools used in Dispute Resolution. Litigation involves asking the Court to determine the outcome of the disagreement. Such disagreements may include partner and shareholder, government contracts, trade, intellectual property, and consumer fraud.

Frank Law’s Litigation practitioners view litigation and resolution differently. We seek to manage expectations of our corporate clients with upfront, honest and straightforward advice that is unique to your business’ needs. Our knowledgeable team understand the complexity of dispute resolution and are well versed in cases from their extensive experience. We are subject matter experts who deliver results for your business in a timely manner. Our team is assertive and dedicated to your matter. We see litigation as the last resort in resolving a disagreement, however we do not shy away from litigation if it is the best way forward.

Above all, we continually look at all options and offer strategic advice unique to your dispute and business needs.

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What We Offer

Strategic advice
Realistic commitments and expectations
Experience of varied and complex cases
A thorough understanding of dispute resolution
A client centred approach

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

James Frank



James Frank has been working with Frank Law for nine years in various roles, beginning as a consultant and coming on full time in 2014. He pioneered the review process of the business and was instrumental in designing the future of the firm. His passion for innovation and technology, and his experience in building and scaling starts ups, has pushed Frank Law into being the progressive and relevant law firm it is today

Andrea Harrold



Andrea Harrold has a particular interest in domestic violence laws as she is passionate about ensuring positive family relations and creating stable homes. Andrea uses her skills and knowledge to help her clients direct their futures. Her adventurous nature takes her hiking through New Zealand and snacking on durian.

Katherine McCarthy



Katherine McCarthy uses her knowledge of law to solve people’s problems. Katherine is a keen traveller having visited 27 countries so far, with plans to explore even more.