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    What if my pet outlives me?

    10/02/20 3:41 PM

    Pets can be an important part of people’s lives and an important member of your family. You may be thinking what would happen to your pets if you pass away before them. How can you make sure your pet is looked after when you pass away?

    There are a few options when it comes to providing for your pet in your will.

    One option is to talk to your family members about what you would like to happen to your pet. Make them aware of how you would like your pet to be looked after and by who. You could even create a written care plan that you give to a family member that indicates particular things about your pet that you would like them to consider when looking after your pet.

    Another option is to include provisions in your Will that indicate who you would like to leave your pet to and how you would like your pet to be looked after. You could provide a particular sum of money to be given to a friend or family member and request that those funds be used for the care and benefit of your pet. You could even decide to set up a trust in your Will for the care and maintenance of your pet.

    A third option is to gift some money in your Will to a pet legacy program with an animal charity such as NSW Animal Welfare League or the NSW RSPCA. Under these legacy programs, a gift of money is made to the charity to either re-home your pet or place them into a facility operated by the charity.

    If you would like to discuss options in relation to your pets when you pass away, contact out Estate Planning Team here at Frank Law and we can assist you with putting in place the best strategy for you.

    This is not legal advice.

    Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

    Kaitlyn Sheridan

    Written by Kaitlyn Sheridan