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    Blended Families and Wills

    By Andrew Frank on 19/06/19 5:11 PM

    Blended families and step-families are very common these days.

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    Business & Corporate: Your family trust is probably affected by the 'foreign persons' surcharge’.  Your Trust deed should be reviewed

    By Andrew Frank on 27/07/17 2:22 PM

    Family trusts are often created for the purpose of protecting assets and minimising tax liabilities. However, the Office of State Revenue (OSR) has recently made a ruling which will have the opposite effect, namely increasing potential tax liabilities for the beneficiaries of a Family Trust.  Family Trust Deeds which include ‘foreign persons’ in the list of beneficiaries are now liable for a Land Tax and Stamp Duty surcharge on sales or purchases of NSW residential land. 

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    Appointors and Trustees

    By Naomi Webb on 21/02/17 10:33 AM

    As seen in the previous post on Trusts in general, we saw the different roles played by the Settlor, the Trustee and the Beneficiary. We also saw that a Trust is governed by a fiduciary relationship between the Settlor and the Trustee wherein the Settlor relies on the good faith of the Trustee. 

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    Cover your assets…with a Trust

    By Andrew Graham on 25/10/16 11:40 AM

    Not only can a trust decrease your tax but it can cover your assets against losses from divorce, bankruptcy or the claims of creditors. If drafted properly, it can act like a wall that comes down to protects the individuals’ property.

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    What’s in it for you? A family trust and your business - Part II

    By Andrew Graham on 25/10/16 10:02 AM

    You may structure your family trust around either a discretionary trust or a unit trust. Although a discretionary trust has traditionally been known as a ‘family trust’, the Trustee is given freedom to decide whether the beneficiaries receive any benefits, and if so, how much. 

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