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    Social media in the workplace: think twice before you post

    By Philip van den Heever on 25/10/19 3:47 PM

    Events in the past few months have drawn attention to the role of social media in our workplace. The Israel Folau case has again raised important questions such as: ‘to what extend can employees be disciplined and held accountable for comments made on social media sites?’ or ‘where is the line drawn between comments made in ‘personal time’ and comments made ‘in the workplace’?’ or  ‘when is something written under the disguise of ‘personal opinion’ or ‘freedom of speech’  in reality bullying and harassment, slander or defamation?’ 

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    7 Practical Ways to Have a Seamless Work Christmas Party

    By Philip van den Heever on 26/11/18 8:30 AM

    It is the silly season again! Workplaces are gearing up for Christmas and other End of Year functions. These functions are a great way to reward employees for another year that is now done and dusted. It is usually a very festive occasion but often functions such as these can lead to inappropriate and unwanted behaviour.

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    What happens to my social media when I pass away?

    By Micaela Corr on 3/09/18 4:30 PM

    We live in a time where our social media accounts have an enormous place in our lives. Where we holiday, what we wear, and what we cook is shaped by what we discover online. As well, we leave our digital footprints all over the Internet as we share our locations, connections and activities. 

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    Social media and Defamation

    By Andrew Frank on 30/06/15 9:38 PM

    For businesses and individuals alike we must take Social Media comments. Reputations can easily be damaged with long lasting consequences.

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