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    Myths about Estate Planning

    By Naomi Webb on 9/04/18 11:55 AM

    There are some common thoughts and ideas that come up frequently in Estate Planning that can be detrimental for future planning. Here are some myths about Estate Planning and reasons why they are not true.

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    Don't Lose your Documents!

    By Naomi Webb on 5/04/17 11:39 AM

    A recent matter of ours involved a woman who attended our office to discuss the recent passing of her husband. She was the sole executor and sole beneficiary of the Estate. She was grieving and struggling to discuss the Estate and to understand the process required to obtain legal authority to deal with the deceased’s assets (by obtaining a Grant of Probate).

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    Distribution of the Estate by the Executor

    By Naomi Webb on 30/01/17 12:27 PM

    The final step in the process of administering an Estate is the actual distribution of the Estate. This can occur once 6 months has passed since the date of death of the testator and also once the appropriate Notices have been published. This allows creditors a final chance to make a claim on the Estate and also provides the executor or administrator with protection against such claims.

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    Get the Assets from the Asset Holders

    By Naomi Webb on 30/01/17 9:16 AM

    Now that Probate has been granted the assets need to be obtained from all of the relevant asset holders. This process can seem cumbersome and timely as many different asset holders need to be contacted and the release of assets may take some time.

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    Notice of Intended Distribution of Estate

    By Naomi Webb on 30/01/17 9:04 AM

    After going through the process of obtaining a Grant of Probate, you might be wondering why you have to publish another notice on the Supreme Court website.

    Topics: Probate
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