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    When is it time to write a will?

    By Naomi Webb on 21/08/18 4:45 PM

    When you think of wills your mind is probably filled with the image of a sweet elderly couple.

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    What is Elder Abuse?

    By Naomi Webb on 4/07/17 5:16 PM

    This month we will be focusing on an important issue in Estate Planning – elder abuse. As our population ages it is becoming more and more important to protect the interests of older age groups not just physically, but financially and emotionally.

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    Estate Planning in an Ageing Population

    By Naomi Webb on 5/04/17 12:11 PM

    Often we tend to assume that a Will is the most important Estate Planning document. However, our ageing population goes to show just how important the other Estate Planning documents are.

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    How long has it been since you updated your Will?

    By Naomi Webb on 4/04/17 2:38 PM

    If you need to go through old drawers, push past scrap paper and old receipts, then wipe away a layer of dust - all to find your Will - then chances are that it needs updating.

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    Why is an Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship Instrument important for Single People?

    By Naomi Webb on 2/03/17 3:55 PM

    Are you single? You need Estate Planning documents!

    Just because you are single does not mean you do not need an Enduring Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardianship instrument. You may think it doesn’t matter because your parents or closest relative will automatically take on these roles if something were to happen to you…but it’s not that simple.

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