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    Religion in a Separated Family

    By Matthew Sibley on 28/03/19 7:06 AM

    Of the many issues faced by separated families, one that is often not discussed yet can cause the most conflict is the question of religion. When a child’s parents hold different religious or cultural views, there can be significant disagreement regarding the most appropriate way to raise the child and the religious and cultural practises they will be engaged in.

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    Back to School in a Separated Family

    By Andrea Harrold on 25/01/19 4:00 PM

    It’s that time of year again, where we dash through the shops picking up new stationary, new backpacks, and new school shoes. The start of school can be stressful enough, but it can be even trickier when we add in the pressures of a separated or blended family.

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    How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Separated Family

    By Andrea Harrold on 3/12/18 7:30 PM

    The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for separated families. Differing commitments, unusual work arrangements and stressful relatives can make this period feel like a minefield of potential battles. However tricky or tense this season may be for your family, here are some important questions to ask yourself as you prepare to manage the holidays in a separated family.

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    The Impact of Domestic Violence on Your Mental Health

    By Andrea Harrold on 31/10/18 5:30 PM

    Domestic violence is a form of violence that occurs within a relationship. There are a wide range of activities that fall within domestic violence and the effects are far reaching. As lawyers we see the real and deep impact that domestic violence has, especially on the mental health of our clients and their children. We encourage anyone who has gone through any type of violence to reach out to professional help and speak to a counsellor.

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    Four Tips for Men Going Through a Divorce

    By Matthew Sibley on 19/10/18 5:30 PM

    People often assume that men can push off any emotion and just soldier on, even during a divorce. This view of men only serves to make the problem worse. The breakdown of a relationship involves significant emotions and can feel like the grief of losing a loved one. Separation is not like repairing a car. It may not be able to be fixed quickly, and you may not be able to predict your emotions day-by-day. It’s important to acknowledge those feelings, keep your head above water and manage your mental health during this period.

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