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    Family Law: Disclosure (noun)

    By James Frank on 17/02/17 11:47 AM

    Disclosure (noun): a process whereby both parties to a family law property settlement are required to exchange all information and documentation relevant to their financial circumstances.

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    Family Law: How to split Superannuation in a Family Law property settlement

    By James Frank on 8/12/16 8:55 AM

    So, you and your former partner have reached an agreement about your family law property settlement. Part of the agreement is that you receive some of your former partner’s superannuation. But…how do you go about executing this?

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    Family Law: The Cost of Going to Court - Court Fees

    By James Frank on 11/10/16 9:34 AM

    It is a fact of life that pursuing a legal claim will be expensive. Just like when you renovate your home, there are a lot of ‘trades’ who work to provide you with a resolution. Your lawyer is one of them but the court system is another.

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    Family Law: Financial Resources in a Family Law Property Settlement

    By James Frank on 29/09/16 9:56 AM

    Over the last month, we have discussed a number of different financial considerations which you may not have considered in relation to your family law property settlement. Now, we have one more topic to discuss which will hopefully round out your understanding as to how all these financial puzzle pieces fit together!

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    Family Law: The B Word: Bankruptcy

    By James Frank on 29/09/16 9:50 AM

    It is the word no one wants to hear – bankruptcy. With economic security being a priority in the present day, bankruptcy is the worst case scenario few expect. However, the implications of bankruptcy influence multiple areas of law, including Family Law property settlements.

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