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    How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Separated Family

    By Andrea Harrold on 3/12/18 7:30 PM

    The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for separated families. Differing commitments, unusual work arrangements and stressful relatives can make this period feel like a minefield of potential battles. However tricky or tense this season may be for your family, here are some important questions to ask yourself as you prepare to manage the holidays in a separated family.

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    7 Practical Ways to Have a Seamless Work Christmas Party

    By Philip van den Heever on 26/11/18 8:30 AM

    It is the silly season again! Workplaces are gearing up for Christmas and other End of Year functions. These functions are a great way to reward employees for another year that is now done and dusted. It is usually a very festive occasion but often functions such as these can lead to inappropriate and unwanted behaviour.

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