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    The father’s obligation to pay child support

    By Ben Woodward on 26/08/21 10:55 AM

    Both parents have a duty to financially maintain their children. It is not a surprise that this misconception exists, particularly when fathers are often depicted in sitcoms and movies as being liable for “alimony”.

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    Children in the Family Court - Do Their Views Matter?

    By Breeann Lalao on 25/03/21 11:49 AM

    Separation is not only a difficult time for the parties involved, but the children as well. Australian family law expresses children’s right to enjoy a meaningful relationship with both parents, including their protection from any form of harm.

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    Family Law: Why do you need to pay child support?

    By James Frank on 13/09/16 1:26 PM

    Any parent will know that having children transforms your life. Suddenly, your first priority is caring for your children and ensuring they have everything they need. And while you would never begrudge the money spent on your child’s education or passion for sport, any parent will also know that children are expensive

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    Family Law: The difference between child support and child maintenance

    By James Frank on 13/09/16 1:11 PM

    If there is one thing the legal profession is (sadly!) renowned for, it is lots of complicated jargon. Words which describe slightly different principles and situations in a way which is often confusing. Well, we would like to break down an example of this for you today: child support vs child maintenance. Are they the same thing? If not, how are they different and which one is best for my circumstances? All these questions are answered below to ensure that you are equipped to fully understand the financial implications of your family law separation in the context of children and child support.

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    Family Law: Child Support comes in many different forms

    By James Frank on 13/09/16 12:57 PM

    There are a range of flexible options for the payment of child support which allow parents to choose a format which best suits their particular circumstances. When determining the best configuration of child support for you, consider the following three questions:

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