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    Family Law: What is ‘Service’?

    By James Frank on 6/10/16 9:52 PM

    Many dispute resolution methods require documents to be served. You may have seen this word in relation to a divorce application or property settlement. But what does this word mean?

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    Family Law: An Affidavit is your Sworn Version of Events

    By James Frank on 6/10/16 9:42 PM

    What is an affidavit?

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    Family Law: Attending Court for the first time

    By James Frank on 6/10/16 9:32 PM

    As much as possible, we like to think that legal eagles are just normal people plus a slight addiction to coffee. However, if you are attending Court for the first time, you will probably see some of the more unusual elements of the legal profession.

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    Family Law: Arbitration: What and Why

    By James Frank on 6/10/16 9:17 PM

    Different dispute resolution processes may be more or less useful in reaching a conclusion in your family law property settlement. This blog post looks at the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of arbitration.

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    Family Law: Court is the avenue of last resort

    By James Frank on 6/10/16 8:13 PM

    Television has a lot to answer for when it comes to misconceptions about the law. To be fair, courtroom dramas would not be nearly as exciting if they reflected the truth – 95% of family law matters settle outside the court system.

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