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    How to move homes in the summer break

    18/11/19 3:07 PM

    If you have the daunting task of moving house over the Christmas holidays, then here are some tips which could help you keep sane and still enjoy the festive season.

    Start packing early

    Start packing items from your house that you know you will not need and can be boxed away ready for the move.  These items include things like winter jackets and coats, and all your blankets and winter sheets, spare room items, garage and garden shed items etc.  If the thought of packing seems overwhelming, do one box each night.

    Start a list and plan what you need to do

    You will have many tasks to attend to while packing and dealing with Christmas.  Writing things down on paper will make it all seem less daunting as you will be able to see clearly what needs to be done.  Start a Christmas shopping list aswell to cover presents, food purchases and incidentals things such as teacher’s gifts. You will feel more in control once its written down.  Don’t forget to add to your list any service providers that you need to cancel or reconnect in your new home.

    Christmas Shopping

    Of course, just because you’re moving, you will probably still be expected to purchase Christmas presents for the kids and family.  If you don’t have time to get to the shops because you are busy packing, then maybe you might try shopping online which will save you the stress of Christmas shopping queue at the shops.

    Don’t say no to help

    If any friends and family offer you help to move, don’t say no.  They are probably on holidays anyway and have some spare time to help you with the move which will help you incredibly.  To make the day run smoothly, ensure that you set clear tasks for everyone so that each person who has offered their help knows what to do.  It’s also a good idea to have water and lunch provided for your helpers. Make the most of the longer days with day light savings in December.

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    Lisa Pizzonia

    Written by Lisa Pizzonia