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    Time to review your Will!

    9/04/18 12:01 PM

    As holidays come and go it is important to think about some of the things that you keep putting off doing.

    Did you say that this year would be the year that you would prepare a Will but still haven’t gotten around to it?

    We understand the temptation to put off doing a Will for another few months – or even a couple more years. But why not get it done now? Unexpected things happen in life and it is good to be prepared.

    The more frequently that you review and update your Will means the more efficient, cost effective and easy the process will be for your loved ones when you pass away.

    A Will allows you to have control over your assets and how you want them to be distributed after you pass away. Do you want your children to inherit equally? Do you want to give certain gifts to certain people? Do you want to ensure your children can remain living in the family home after you pass away?

    Preparing for the future can’t wait for the future. It is something that needs to be thought about and acted on in the present.

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    This is not legal advice. 

    Naomi Webb

    Written by Naomi Webb