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    Elder Abuse Day: What is it?

    3/06/20 12:30 PM

    As our population ages it is becoming more and more important to protect the interests of older age groups not just physically, but financially and emotionally.

    Estate Planning is a delicate area that deals with planning for the future and appointing people to act in your best interests, so it is crucial to know what elder abuse is and how to prevent it.

    Elder abuse is a form of mistreatment that results in loss or harm to an older person and can be categorised as physical, emotional and/or financial.

    Financial elder abuse is often seen when someone improperly uses an older person’s property, funds or resources. For example, this could be where an Attorney (appointed by an elderly person) uses their appointment as Attorney to transfer money to their own bank account for their own benefit without the consent or knowledge of the elderly person.

    Emotional elder abuse is commonly in the form of undue influence or duress on the elderly person. For example, this could be where a child or close friend threatens the elderly person to include something in their Will that they do not necessarily understand.

    Neglect is another form of emotional elder abuse. For example, this could be where an Enduring Guardian who is required to provide medical treatment and care for the elderly person fails to do so.

    If you suspect that elder abuse may be happening to you or a loved one, or if you would like to update your Estate Planning documents to ensure that this doesn’t occur, our Estates and Succession Planning Team can assist you.

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    Kaitlyn Elvery

    Written by Kaitlyn Elvery