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    How do small business loans work?

    By Tom Dearden on 6/11/20 4:37 PM

    Running a small business is hard work in the best of times, and even more so when there is a global pandemic. To keep your head above water in the current economic climate you might consider taking out a loan to assist your business. But how do they work and how are they different to a personal loan?

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    Can COVID be an exceptional circumstance in Family Law?

    By Tom Dearden on 26/10/20 11:47 AM

    We have written previously about Binding Child Support (“BCS”) Agreements. As the name suggests, once parties enter into a BCS Agreement, it is binding on them for the length of the agreement.

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    Can I be a company director if I am bankrupt?

    By Tom Dearden on 26/10/20 11:26 AM

    If you cannot afford to pay your debts, the law provides two options in order to get back in control of your finances:

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    The cost of going to court

    By Tom Dearden on 2/09/20 5:19 PM

    Except for the most extreme circumstances, going to court should be considered a ‘last resort’ and only to be used when all other options have been exhausted.

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    What to do when your employee is underperforming

    By Tom Dearden on 2/09/20 5:04 PM

    Across the country, people are being encouraged to work from home as much as possible to stop the spread of COVID-19. While many employees are adapting well to their new work environments, other employees may have experienced a drop in productivity.

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