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    The Power of a Power of Attorney

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 4/11/20 4:41 PM

    A Power of Attorney document is prepared by a person (the Principal) who appoints another person (the Attorney) to deal with their financial affairs if they are no longer able to themselves.

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    When should I review my Will?

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 15/06/20 4:18 PM

    When you prepared your Will, you might have been told to review it in 12 months or when your circumstances change. You may have thought that this seems unnecessary and questioned why this would be the case.

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    Undue Influence in Estate Planning

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 29/04/20 1:19 PM

    Preparing Estate Planning documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship Instruments are essential to promote order and control and to ensure your wishes are carried out if you were to lose capacity and when you pass away.

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    Why you need to think about Advance Care Planning

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 6/04/20 3:02 PM

    As we now head into April 2020 in a new era of uncertainty and isolation in the midst of a health pandemic, now more than ever is advance care planning important.

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    Why is a divorce optional?

    By Kaitlyn Sheridan on 3/03/20 12:14 PM

    When a marriage breaks down, one of the first things a person thinks about is obtaining a divorce. Although it is the common word associated with the breakdown of a marriage, a divorce does not address the essential issues related to ending a relationship, as it does not settle the division of property or the care of any children of the marriage.

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