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    No Final Apprehended Violence Order made against our client

    By Frank Legal on 18/12/17 1:23 PM

    Our client was issued with an AVO after his wife alleged that he said “I’m going to get a gun.” He had gone to bed, so did not realise how upset his wife was and could not clear up the misheard statement. He woke up to the Police ordering him to get out of bed, very confused, and issued him an Apprehended Violence Order.

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    Why do I need a lawyer if I’m pleading guilty?

    By Frank Legal on 18/12/17 1:22 PM

    You probably imagine a criminal defense lawyer to be standing in court cross-examining a witness to prove their client’s innocence. What about if you have admitted that you committed the offence? What if there is very clear evidence against you? If you are entering a plea of guilty, where does a lawyer fit into the picture?

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    Family Law in 400 words

    By Frank Legal on 12/02/16 9:32 AM

    Imagine all the interactions you would have with other people in a typical morning: you wake up, have breakfast with your partner, buy a coffee from the barista at your favourite café, chat to the person next to you on the bus and make it to work just in time for that important meeting with your colleagues. In its essence, the law seeks to define these everyday relationships and to give individuals certainty regarding their rights and obligations. Family law deals with familial relationships, such as those between husbands, wives, partners, parents and children.

    Topics: Family Law
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    Sydney house prices. A fiction in four parts. Part 4.

    By Frank Legal on 25/11/15 3:27 PM

    The walls are Arctic Dream. The ceiling is Blanched Marshmallow Whisper and the cornice a discernible shade of Chaste Debutante.  The carpet and pelmet are Frosted Vanilla.  The rug, Young Dove.  The linens embody pearl, ivory, chalk, and snow.

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    Executors obliged to defend the Will

    By Frank Legal on 25/11/15 3:03 PM

    I’ve received a Notice of Intended Claim: What are my obligations?

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