Frank Law is an innovative, boutique law firm servicing clients in Corporate, Litigation and Personal Services.

Frank Law was established in 1985 as Druitt Frank. The firm has changed names over the years, but we have remained focused on our mission to serve our clients with integrity. Our history has created a foundation of trustworthy practice.

Frank Law is a different law firm because we understand our clients. Each case has a unique goal, and we work creatively to achieve your individual desired outcome. 

Our Foundations

Knowledge Knowledge

We share our knowledge and educate our clients to empower them. We are subject matter experts committed to growing our own knowledge.

Integrity Integrity

We act with the utmost integrity in every interaction and communicate honestly and transparently. We have created a culture of accountability.

Community Community

Our client centred processes and genuine care for them builds community. We contribute, lead and serve our community.

Innovation Innovation

We innovative the traditional provision of legal services by embracing and engaging with new technologies and systems to improve our efficiency and access to our clients.

Our Team

James Frank



James Frank is an accredited Australian Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) Expert member. He has been working with Frank Law for nine years in various roles. He pioneered the review process of the business and was instrumental in designing the future of the firm. His passion for innovation and technology, and his experience in building and scaling starts ups, has pushed Frank Law into being the progressive and relevant law firm it is today.

Andrew Frank



Andrew Frank established the firm as Druitt Frank in 1985. In his 46 year law career, Andrew led the firm as Chief Executive Partner for 31 years. His presence in Frank Law is invaluable, as he continues as a Consulting Partner.

Philip van den Heever



Philip van den Heever has over 16 years of commercial law experience in both South Africa and Australia. His deep understanding of commercial law allows him to wisely direct his clients to succeed in their business development.

Scott Henderson

Senior Financial Analyst 


Scott Henderson has more than 30 years of international financial accounting experience. He assists clients with IPOs, acquisitions, debt restructurings and other projects requiring strong communication and concise reporting. He is passionate about helping others through his volunteer roles with sporting, civic, and other charitable organisations. 

Monique Loveday



Monique Loveday is a Senior Associate Lawyer, and our Family Law Lead. Monique is an experienced Family Lawyer who understands the stress and difficulty her clients face when going through separation. Her extensive knowledge and experience means she is able to put predictability back into her client's life and arm them with knowledge so that they are empowered to take the next steps into their new and exciting future.

Andrea Harrold



Andrea Harrold has a particular interest in domestic violence laws as she is passionate about ensuring positive family relations and creating stable homes. Andrea uses her skills and knowledge to help her clients direct their futures. Her adventurous nature takes her hiking through New Zealand and snacking on durian.

Karla Elias



Karla Elias is knowledgeable about the complex links between Family Law and Criminal Law. She seeks to educate her clients to navigate the law and understand the processes. Karla is a Masterchef extraordinaire with a speciality in chocolate desserts.

Katherine McCarthy



Katherine McCarthy uses her knowledge of law to help solve clients’ problems. Katherine is a keen traveller having visited 34 countries so far, with plans to explore even more!

Kaitlyn Sheridan



Kaitlyn Sheridan is passionate about her future in law as she thrives when working to solve people’s problems. Kaitlyn is a keen athlete and regularly runs half marathons. She completed the climb to Everest Base Camp and is already planning her way to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Tom Dearden

Law Graduate


Tom Dearden has recently received his Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership). He balances his scholarly approach to law with business acumen developed over 5 years of commercial law experience. Tom bring enthusiasm, clarity and a methodical approach to the complex legal issues that clients face. Tom  spends much of his time falling off surfboards and reeling in empty fishing lines – but he is working hard to develop his proficiency in both of these areas.

Lisa Pizzonia



Lisa Pizzonia is knowledgeable of many areas of law due to her extensive and varied experience working in a law office for over 20 years. Lisa’s passion in helping people achieve their goals drives her career. Lisa’s ideal day would be spent at the beach with her family.

Ben Woodward

Law Clerk


Ben Woodward is a law clerk at Frank Law while he is completing his legal studies. He enjoys the excitement of tackling different legal problems with a variety of personalities. He is personally interested in criminal law. Ben also enjoys playing frisbee.

Micaela Corr

Marketing and Events Coordinator


Micaela Corr coordinates all communication for the firm, including content creation, digital marketing and website optimisation. She is passionate about creating innovative strategies to effectively communicate the firm's messages. 

Kindalin Lever Naylor



Kindalin Lever-Naylor is our junior paralegal. Her brilliant time management and keen eye to attention makes her a key member of the Frank Law team. When you come to our office, be sure to ask Kindalin for her latest book recommendation.

Sarah Hedley

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Partner


Sarah Hedley is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Partner. Her role allows her to show off her outstanding organisation. She is skilled at problem solving and planning events. She has a knack for creativity and has baked several wedding cakes.